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ARRID Silver Series Lead Lights

The ARRIDtm Maxlight Silver Series is the newest development in the ARRID range of compact fluorescent lights. The Silver Series use the new generation of compact fluorescent tube will only use 11 watts of power but give the equivalent to a 75W globe.

The Silver Series use the same proven technology as the popular Maxlight handheld lights, but now the switchmode inverter is held in a new heavy duty aluminium case. In addition to the aluminium inner tubes the new Silver Series handheld lights also incorporate stainless steel locking rings for greater strenght. A further improvment achieved with the Silver Series is the water resistant gland that holds the heavy duty cable in place and provides an improved seal for the case.


Silver Series Lead Light Codes

• Features
Standard light circuit
Low voltage cutout
• Plug Type
Cigarette lighter plug
Battery clips
• Cable Length
4 metre double insulated cable
10 metre double insulated cable
• Operating Voltage
Nominal 12 volt
Nominal 24 volt



Lead Lights come with switch on body

• High efficency 11W CF tube

• Proven Technology

• Heavy Duty Cord

• 2 Cord Lenght Options

• Low Voltage Cutout Option Available


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