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ARRID Twin Charge

The ARRIDtm TwinCharge has been specifically designed of fully charge a remote second battery located anywhere on your vehicle, including batteries under the bonnet, in a caravan or camper trailer, or on your boat. The TwinCharge is the ultimate dual battery controller because it actually increases the voltage that reaches the battery!

The increased voltage eliminates the problem of voltage loss normally associated with caravan and other remote battery installations. The ARRID TwinCharge allows full charging voltage to reach the auxiliary battert even under low voltage conditions. Any voltage between 8 and 15V DC is acceptable!




BCTC20: Twin Charge Kit

ARRID TwinCharge is auto-ranging, meaning that it can be fitted with any size and type of dissimilar batteries, whether cranking, deep cycle or marine - as long as both batteries are 12volt nominal.

The TwinCharge has been available commercially for ten years and is in constant development. The unitis now in its thrid generation which is a more compact, fan-cooled system. ARRID have incorporated "pulse" technology into the new TwinCharge, which helps to prevent battery sulphation by breaking down sulphates as they forn on the cell plates.

Because the ARRID TwinCharge helps to prevent battery sulphation it saves you money becuase your batteries last longer. The costs of installation are reduced because the amount of extra components and cabling required has been kept to an absolute minimum.


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