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alzone solar racking information

Alzone Racking Information


ALZONE Ground Mount Kits include cross bracing struts for additional array strength. The angle of the array may be altered with different leg lengths, and kits are available in either a 25°- 35° or 35°- 45° kit.


Wind Certification

The new Australian Standards and Business Council Of Sustainable Energy Accreditation require array frames for photovoltaic modules to carry certification for wind loading to indicate the array will withstand local wind conditions. All systems eligible for government rebates will require a wind rating certificate to be included with the instruction manual supplied to the customer.
Although only small areas of Australia are affected by cyclones, it was decided that Alzone racking components should be designed to withstand cyclonic conditions. All Solar Module Mounting Kits available for roof installations are certified to withstand Cyclonic Region D wind velocity, the highest wind rating in Australia. The difference between a kit provided for a cyclone area and one for a standard area is the distance that is required between the “Feet” that attach the module to the roof. Solar Module Kits for cyclone prone areas will have a greater number of Feet than kits supplied for non cyclone areas.